23 Apr 2009

8 Things Me Me

wow this was harder than i thought lol!

Dianna tagged me for the 8 things me-me so here we go:

8 things I am looking forward to

1. Going to bed.
2. The Weekend
3. My 2nd grandchild due at Xmas
4. Finishing my Twilight book so i can start the second lol!
5. Summer
6. Going to the beach.
7. The garden blooming
8. Did I mention bed?

8 things I did yesterday

1. Babysat for teenage boys lol
2. Finished my Twilight Kit.
3. Had peace cos Andy was out..
4. Did more work on the store
5. didnt cook and had noodles from the shop lol
6. finally caught upwith emails!
7. Got my gallery started!
8. had running commentary on a bad toe!

8 things I wish I could do

1. Hire a cleaner.
2. get my results for my biopsy straight away!.
3. .find another 6 hours to add to my day
4. help my girls.
5. Go on Safari.
6. get another pair of hands
7. Go visit relatives in america m hawaii and new zealand
8. Did I mention go back to sleep?

8 shows I watch
waterloo road
hells kitchen
x factor
britains got talent
only fools and horses
La Ink

8 people I'm tagging

Val ( BabyV)
Diane ( Candys treats)


Deb's Posts said...

Thanks Jay for tagging me, took me a bit to get it answered LOL, puppy supervision needed

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