31 Oct 2008

Our Grand Opening

is underway people, to celebrate having 40 designers already we at heavenly taggerz are having 40 % off all our goodies! check through each designer and all have a free trick or treat bag! but whats inside? a trick or a treat? only one way to find out hehe come along and grab some!
30 Oct 2008

Pink Drama - Tutorial

This tutorial was written by me Jane Anderson of Heartbeatz Creationz on 30th October 2008
Any similarities to other tutorials are purely coincidental.

I am using the fabulous work of Elias Chatzoudis and you will need a license to use his art, which can be found here at MPT

Template made by me can be found here

and the scrap kit used is a fabulously girly kit All Girly created by the talented Dramaqueen and it can be bought here at our store Heavenly Taggerz, thank you hunnie!!!!

Font used is Pussycat

ok here we go x

open up a workspace 500 x 500 and floodfill white

open up template provided

take over layer 1 to your workspace, magic wand, selection, modify and expand by 1
on a new layer infill with paper of choice, i used paper 5 from All Girly Kit
select none
On new layer bring over layer 2 of template, again, magic wand, selection, and expand by 1
add new layer and infill with another choice of paper, i used paper 10, select none.

Same again for layers 3 and 4, bring over template layers, magic wand, expand by 1 and infill, for 3 and 4 i used paper 4 and paper 9, select none.

now on side go along all layers and delete all template layers, leaving yourself with just paper layers, add drop shadow to each layer
i used these settings

vertical -2
horizontal -1
opacity 50
colour black

merge visible

add new layer and using element of choice place at angle over circle of template, see tag for reference, i used butterfly 2, i resized 90% and free rotate by 20 degrees to the right, add drop shadow as before.

add another new raster layer and add another element, i used eyelit1 resized 50% and placed just below the butterfly. drop shadow as before.

Now add more elements of choice, i used the compact and placed on layer just below the butterfly and added drop shadow as before

merge visible
add your tube to the side of tag lined up with straight edge of template used and add dropshadow, add copyright and merge visible

add name of lucky recipient and you are done!

hope you enjoyed this easy tutorial


jay x
29 Oct 2008

Grand Opening! and yep a cu freebie lol!

couple days to go now hunnies and our grand opening!
be sure to call in and see all the wonderful goodies available!!!

and a freebie add on here for you too as well, a taster of a bigger kit im working on at the minute, its pink treats and its gonna be all pink, sweet and pretty x
here there is a paper, a bow, a swirl, a doodle and a frame x
commercial use ok!
you can get it here

27 Oct 2008

A freebie - xmas tree CU ok

dont you just love plug ins, i was aiming to make something completely different lol when i accidently made this tree pmsl! i love how it turned out i saved it and added few baubles tto, methinks it looks pretty and i am now gonna build a kit to go around it! commercial use allowed too! u can get it here, please leave some love when u download xx

sale still running strong hunnies over at heavenly taggerz! couple more my kits gone up in there, why not grab them at discount before price goes back up lol!

oooooooooooo another award!

I was given this award by Tammy Jo from Tammy Jo's Creations, thank you so much for thinking of me in your lucky seven chosen blogs! im chuffed to bits! luffs ya sweetie xx

Now with this before i hand it on to 7 blogs of my choice i got to name 7 things i love..

I love....

1. my 3 beautiful children
2. my soulmate Andy
3. my family
4. paint shop pro lol
5. my friends, online and off
6. red wine haha
7. chocolate .............

now for 7 blogs, just like tammy this is difficult as there are so many i love all for different reasons!

id like to offer it to

1. Lisa at Sophisticated Scraps
2. Deb at A Little of Everything
3. Liana at Breaking Tradition
4. Candee at Mermaid's Haven
5. Mzpimptress at Pimp Your Scrapbook
6. Brooke at Butterfly Blush Designs
7. Tishia at Designs By Tishia

Enjoy hunnies, u all deserve, dont forget to pass it on to deserving blogs and tell us 7 things u love too!
25 Oct 2008

Yayyyyyyy A Sale! 25% off all at Heavenly Taggerz

yep ppl, u saw right, the brand new store is having a manic weekend!

25% off all my stuff here at Heavenly Taggerz!

that includes my commercial use goodies too!
24 Oct 2008

Pink Emo Kit and Freebie Template

Here's a snaggable freebie for u all, using the stunning work of Elias Chatzoudis! Hope you like it!

I made this tag with a template and scrap kit made by me and if u want a go at it yourself u can get

the template in png and psd format - here

the scrap kit in Heavenly Taggerz just $1.50 - here

enjoy hunnies, would love to see what u make with it!
23 Oct 2008

OOOOOO lookie what deb made me!

I love seeing what ppl create with my scraps and stuff, and the latest is by far the cutest ever, made for me by Deb over at A Little of Everything, she has used my PTU So Nice To Be a Penguin Kit she has put the tutorial up for it too so u can have a go too if u like! Thank u Deb, i love it!

the tut is here
the PTU scrap is here
The Free Mini Kit is here

would love to see more done with this, if u have a go be sure to mail me astrofable@googlemail.com with results xx
22 Oct 2008

Heavenly Taggerz

I joined the store ppls xx u can now find my commercial use items and ptu goodies over at Heavenly Taggerz and some freebies too! i will still have freebies and goodies here so not to worry lol!

thanks to Deb over at Little Bit Of Everything i would never have *met* the wonderful bunch over there!
speaking off freebies, i am working on one as i type and will be on here very shortly for u!
21 Oct 2008

So Nice Larger Kit

Ok u win lol, i was gonna make a larger kit and ppl were kickin me up the arris to get on with it lol
soooooooooooo here u go, 30 pieces in there
tagger size, lots of goodies inside, personal use only please for this one

we have beads, bowwraps x3 , penguin brad, butterfly, daisy, penguin divider, doodle, doodleframe, charms x 2, ice frame, snowglobe, label, mitten, heart patch, papers x 3, penguin stamp, ribbons x 2, bubble sticker, snowflake, snowman, tah, topper, wordart x 2

so plenty there to keep u busy!

just 2 dollars hunnies, id love to see what u all make with this, mail me and ill post em up in a blog gallery!


jay x
19 Oct 2008

So Nice To Be A Penguin - freebie

did this adorable kit yesterday and loved how it turned out, im gonna make a bigger kit when i get a minute i think

hope u like it, leave some love if u download xx

if u are gonna be waiting for the update, why not follow my blog or subscribe, dont forget to search through labels at the side for any freebies u may have missed, i dont expire my links so they will always be there xx
18 Oct 2008

Lucy Kit freebie

been playing again lol yep and a little kit made up for u

the colouring was an accident, i was aiming for a nice green and this scheme happened lol!

i like it anyway so there haha!

its only a mini kit, an addon to larger kit below x
i didnt know what to call it and after just being on the phone to my mum, i chose to name it Lucy after her new puppy lol, yep my imagination stretched there!
anyways enough of my ramblings hey and on to the link to get this freebie - Lucykit

Larger kit is available here to buy and permission for commercial use as well!

17 Oct 2008

Dolly Dragon Commercial Use Kit and a Freebie

got stuck into a commercial kit last night with some darling dragons, dolly dragon emerged as a larger than intended kit lol!
after working my way through all goodies available for resale i can offer this for sale and give permission for u to break it down, create your own kits and alter to your own design, all that is in my rules is you do not sell it on as it is please, and do not break down the dragons from the frames.

another good reason to buy this kit too is the freebies u get with it!

i will put in 10 commercial use goodies for free!
in the kit we have all this in png and psd format and all tagger size x
9 papers
4 flowers
2 buttons
1 mirror charm
1 butterfly
4 swirls
1 dragon name plate
1 label
3 glitter charms
1 frame
1 cluster
3 paperclips
2 bows
1 doodle
1 scallop frame
2 single beads
1 string beads
2 eyelet ribbons
plus 10 commercial use goodies for free!!!!!!!!!
so thats 50 items all can be used commercially!

all for $2.00!!!!!!!!!

And hows about another freebie??


how about a little scrap for halloween?
Dark is the Night is a mini kit and u can get it here, please leave some love if u download

14 Oct 2008

im letting these bows be used commercially now hunnies, enjoy, please leave some love when u download x

you can get it here
10 Oct 2008

Overlays - CU Overlays

like i mentioned before, all items i make for now are all ok for commercial use, no credit required, all i do ask is if any sets u buy arent sold on as is, break them down and alter to make own kits please x

im keeping costs low or free x this overlay set is of 6 papers and is just $1

Bubble Trubble

as im moving things over from my website to here i will be bringing some of my scraps i had for sale over there, i am allowing commercial use of all my scraps now only thing i state is u dont re sell kits as a whole, u can break kits down, recolour etc and sell in other kits, please respect this thank you

first one i have set up at the minute is Bubble Trubble, one of my earlier ones at $1.50

On payment u will be taken to download link for the kit, please do not hesitate to mail if you have any questions x


Jay x

Crystal Butterfly -Tut And Supplies

This tag i made a while back and i wrote the tutorial to it as well to it on my other site, slowly im gonna bring the tuts over here so i can have everything in one place
This one is Crystal Butterfly
any similarities to other tutorials is purely coincidental & scrapkit is made by me and mask bt Vix - thanks hunnie x
I have used the very gorgoeus work of Pinuptoons ~ please do not use unless you have license to use his work, his art can be found at Cilm
Supplies Here

Ok lets get started...
Open up chosen tube and supplies in your psp.

Open a new transparent image 500 width x 500 height

Floodfill your image with white.
add new layer and floodfill with one of the papers from kit
using mask provided, fit to canvas

leave invert transparency unticked

merge group.

Take flower 3 and paste on a new layer placing slightly lower than your masked heart. add drop shadow

settings: vertical 2, horizontal 1, Opacity 50 and Blur 8

Take one of the luvheartz and resize 50% and paste on new layer, place to one side of tag, add drop shadow with settings as before.

take one of the flowers, resize this too at 50% and paste over heart, see tag for reference.

dont forget drop shadow.

Merge visible, duplicate and mirror.

add another new layer and add your tube of choice, place to centre and drop shadow.

Add copyright

Merge visible, new layer and name of recipient/sample

There you go, all finished.....

unless you want to animate...

Open animation shop.

take your merged image over to animation and copy image after layer then Shift-Ctrl+L until you have 16 frames and select all.

open butterfly animation, select all and copy

paste into selected frame where you want the animation to be, this will appear on all your frames.

then save.

All done!

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial

Jay xx

Tagger Size Template & Snag

been having a play around last night and made a little tag, loved how it turned out so i put together a template for it, with this u will find the template in psp and psd format and is tagger size

i even put a snaggable tag in for u all that i made from it

hope u like, please leave some love if you download
you can find it Here

Jay xx
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